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Light My Fire by moyan

for comment/critique contest, december 2012

On anyone's eyes, their first impression of this piece, they would think that it has been done traditionally. That's just how you actually fooled them, it fooled me too. It looked so much like an oil painting the first time I laid eyes on this. You showed us that even a digital work can be painted like a traditional method.

Here are the strong part of this drawing, of how you pointed out the focal point at the upper part of her body, making people focus more on her face, followed by her clothes then last part of the legs, making it more less-detailed when it reaches down below, just like the background, it's not necessary to make a background for this piece..

..however, it's more advisable to fill up the white space. There are such thing, and it gives your persona more spotlight, especially when you've put the lighting on her right side (our left side). When positioned the lighting, there could have been more highlights on her skins, just like how you did on her clothes, and you could play more with the volumes of the gradient, less white on the skirt when it goes near her arms.

I thought this piece could use some blending, but at some art it doesn't have to be necessary because you play so well with the colouring technique that it gives the specialty and warmth to anyone viewing it :)
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